The Live365 Windows Virtual Machine Add-on provides an isolated environment for running the Windows Operating System and the applications needed to program and broadcast live audio to your Live365 station without needing a dedicated personal computer running 24/7.

A Virtual Machine, commonly shortened to just VM, is no different than any other physical computer like a laptop, desktop, or server. It is connected to the internet, has a processor, memory, and disks to store your files. While the parts that make up your computer (called hardware) are physical and tangible, Virtual Machines are often thought of as virtual computers and are hosted in our high-performance Datacenter.

We’ve built this feature with our broadcasters' needs in mind, providing a reliable environment to allow broadcasting live with Windows-based automation tools without having to set up a studio computer that runs around the clock, consuming energy and processing power. The system is easy and intuitive as you can use your own mouse, keyboard, and monitor to operate and program your station in a different computing environment.

The Live365 Windows Virtual Machine Add-on includes the following:

  • The Virtual Machine itself with Windows installed, set up by our industry experts for the highest performance.
  • StationPlaylist Creator Pro
  • StationPlaylist Studio Pro
  • StationPlaylist Remote Voice Tracking Standard (5 users edition)
  • StationPlaylist Encoder
  • FileZilla Server that is used for file transfer capabilities.

Note: All the pieces of software above come pre-installed and licensed with the delivery of your Live365 Windows Virtual Machine.

We plan to add more options for the built-in automation and encoder software that our Virtual Machines come with. At this time, we chose to integrate with StationPlaylist because it is a pioneer in the market and provides a powerful solution for internet radio streaming and webcasting.

Note: You can also choose to install and operate with a different preferred automation software or encoder but we are not currently providing a license for any other piece of software and the support we are able to offer will be limited.

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