You can place a new order for a Windows Virtual Machine as an Add-on attached to your active Live365 station.

Here are the steps to order a new Windows Virtual Machine on Live365:

  1. Access and log in to the Live365 Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Billing Services.
  3. Identify and click on the station to which you would like to apply the add-on. You can only place a new order for a Virtual Machine if it is attached to an active Live365 station.
  4. Click on the Get add-ons button.
  5. Add the Virtual Machine & StationPlaylist add-on then press Next.
  6. Confirm and process the payment.

After receiving the payment, our Setups Team automatically receives a notification and starts working on setting up your new Windows Virtual Machine. From this point, there are no extra steps that you need to take, as we will be handling the setup and will e-mail you the login credentials once the Virtual Machine is ready to use.

Note: The estimated delivery time is 5 working days after placing the order.

Next steps

While waiting for the setup, we highly recommend checking out the other help articles related to the Live365 Windows Virtual Machines:

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If you have any questions or concerns about this Add-on, our Support Team can be reached by emailing or creating a ticket at this link.

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