Our MultiTrack provides the ability to stream pre-recorded mixes, sets of music, or episodes directly from the Live365 Dashboard while ensuring your station remains compliant.

This feature offers the ability to add timestamp markers to a single MP3 file containing multiple tracks. Examples of MP3 files containing multiple tracks include:

  • a DJ mix set with many different songs across the duration
  • spoken word content with music in-between the talk segments
  • your pre-produced station format, including past programming you wish to re-broadcast
  • syndicated shows for which you have permission to re-broadcast
  • podcast episodes which contain no copyright music at all

Inside of a MultiTrack, the metadata of each element can be identified individually, resolving licensing compliance issues where a single file contains multiple copyrighted contents. Of course, this feature works with non-copyright material as well, enabling you to call out the details of your spoken word segments.

As we outline in our metadata help article, your station remains compliant when you ensure that each song displays accurate Artist and Title information when played on the Live365 network. When the songs are contained in a long pre-recorded file, you are able to achieve that compliance by using this interface specially designed to meet Live365 broadcasters' needs.

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