Below, you will find the steps required to upload new MultiTrack files to your Live365 Media Library:

  1. Navigate to the Live365 Dashboard.
  2. Make sure you have selected the station where you want to upload the tracks on. Highlight and click the station name to select it. If you are unfamiliar with how to navigate this part of Live365, please see this help article which describes dashboard navigation.

  3. Start the uploading process by selecting Media ➡ Tracks from the left-hand side menu.

  4. Next, click the orange "Add tracks" button on the top right of the Media ➡ Tracks page.

  5. You'll then be prompted to select the type of files that you wish to upload. On the right-hand side, select MultiTrack.

  6. Choose the file from your computer or external hard drive to upload. These will be stored in your Live365 station’s Media Library and will ONLY be available to you.
    Note: If you are using an older version of Safari, the drag and drop files capability might not work as intended. In this case, please click on the file selection area then select the files you wish to upload from the hard drive.

Your screen will now show the track's waveform along with the other MultiTrack interface tools. This is where you add markers and metadata across the length of your uploaded material. 

You can begin working with your new MultiTrack right after the upload process is finished. Of course, you can also come back to this interface later on by clicking on the MultiTrack in your Media Library. MultiTrack files can be identified by the "bullet list" icon in the Type column.

Next up, we'll walk you through editing and placing markers inside the MultiTrack interface.

⬅ Prepare your files
Placing and editing markers ➡