While each Live365 Broadcaster account only comes with one username and login, it is still possible to have multiple DJs, without giving your login information to someone else.

When you sign up for your Live365 Broadcaster account, your station is issued credentials for going live (we call it "LiveDJ"). You can give other trusted DJs these credentials so that they can take over the stream remotely using programs like Rocket Broadcaster, Mixxx, BUTT, PlayIt Live, etc.

NOTE: Once your remote DJ is finished with their session, they must "turn off the encoder" (disconnect Mixxx, BUTT, etc.) to allow any subsequent DJ to launch their show, or to allow your regular programming to resume. This means that the previous session "must be disconnected" by the DJ prior to another DJ launching their show. Be careful with who you give your LiveDJ credentials to. See instructions on how to find your LiveDJ credentials here.

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