You can own multiple stations that are each associated with your primary Live365 account. Station owners can manage their stations in the Station Management View. 

Adding Additional Stations

As a Live365 customer, you can have multiple stations and services through us. Previously, managing and accessing those stations and services required separate logins and accounts for each of them. Now, you can manage all of your stations under one account, in one convenient place.

Adding An Existing Station to your Main Account

NOTE: You cannot manage multiple stations until all of your stations are migrated to the new Live365 dashboard experience. Please wait until the migration of your stations is complete!

Currently, the ability to associate multiple stations under one account is a manual process. If you would like to take advantage of this feature, you will need to contact the Solutions Team. Please use the following process to make your request.

  1. Initiate the request from the email address that the account was created under.
  2. Create a support ticket for the request.
  3. The Solutions team will request account validation from you.
  4. Once we're sure that you are the owner of all the stations, well gather all of the data needed from you
  5. The internal request process will start immediately once these steps are complete

Once the "add station" request for your main account is received, a verification email will be sent. You must reply to this email to verify ownership. When verification has been confirmed, an internal request will be processed to start the process.

NOTE: Depending on the number of requests, this process may take 1-5 business days for completion. Once the account has been associated with the requested station, you will be notified.