Your Live Stream credentials allow you to use our LiveDJ mode in order to broadcast live from your computer. You can use this information to connect a 3rd party encoder. 

Technical Requirements

There are some minimum technical requirements for using LiveDJ mode.

  • Live365 uses the Icecast protocol, so the automation software you use must support .MP3 files (codec) and Icecast servers. 
  • 8GB of RAM on your local computer should be sufficient. Some Broadcasters have a dedicated computer which only performs the live stream broadcasting so as to eliminate any computer resource issues. 
    • If you launch a memory intensive program such as a web browser or graphics editor while in LiveDJ mode, your listeners might hear some "pops" or glitches as the program uses the available RAM that your encoder has been using to process your stream. Please test whether your computer has enough RAM by listening to your station while performing other tasks on the computer.
  • One of the most important things is to use a wired internet connection (Ethernet, cable) and not WiFi for going live. Wireless connections are intermittent and can sometimes be unreliable. A direct wired connection ensures that the data is getting through as quickly as possible.
  • You must have MP3s with the correct metadata for the artist, album, and song. The automation software needs to be able to send the metadata of each track to us. There are many utilities out there you can use to edit this data, and having the right artwork for each track certainly makes a nice impression to your listeners.


Find your LiveDJ credentials

  1. Open the Live365 Broadcaster dashboard here. (Login Required)
  2. On the Live365 Account Dashboard, select the station that you want to set up a live encoder for.
  3. On the Live365 Station Dashboard, navigate to the Sources menu, and then the LiveDJ menu.

Once you are in the LiveDJ screen, you'll be presented with the encoder credentials that you'll need to copy and paste into your local encoder.

Each encoder and automation system is a little bit different, and you'll want to follow the instructions for the one that you are using. Some of them call the encoder "Username" something like "Admin User." 

IMPORTANT NOTE: We always suggest copying (ctrl c) and pasting (ctrl p) these credentials instead of attempting to type them. It's important to note that "any" blank spaces entered by pasting a field into your encoder will cause the connection to fail. For this reason, you might want to paste these credentials from your Live365 station into a text file first. Delete any blank space characters from the text file, and then paste the credentials into your encoder.