When using the Relay feature, you can pull other streams directly to Live365 for easier music and event scheduling. 

You can find the Relay feature within your “Sources” settings on your Station Menu. Select Sources -> Relay in your Navigation Bar.

In the “Sources” settings, you will see the "Relay Settings" option as indicated below. To pull another stream to Live365, enter an existing stream URL to relay through your Live365 account into the “Relay Address” box and select “Save Settings.” 

NOTE: You will want to make sure you are the owner of the originating stream or have the owner's permission.

NOTE: You will need to configure the stream being relayed to be encoded at 128 kbps, CBR, 44.1 kHz, MP3.

Once you save your changes, the Relay feature will take over if you are in AutoDJ mode and your stream will be pulled to your Live365 station.  

If you go live while using Relay (using an automation/playout program like StationPlaylist or Mixxx), then your live broadcast will take priority over Relay.