Metadata is very important around here! Fortunately, you can update your track metadata from inside the Live365 interface after you have uploaded them to your media library.

Because the licensing coverage and royalty reporting that we provide for you depend on metadata, it’s a good idea to review the tracks that you’ve uploaded to ensure that they have correct titles, artist, and album information. 

To do this, select Media ➡ Tracks from the Station Menu 

  1. Click on the track that you would like to edit the metadata tags for.
  2. This will open a new window from where you can edit the track's metadata.

    1) Edit the track title.
    2) Edit the track performing artist.
    3) Edit the album title.
    4) Edit the year when the track has been launched.

  3. From this screen, you can also choose the desired album image file from your computer by clicking on the current image. The selected album art is displayed on your station page in the Live365 directory. Note that album art on the embeddable licensed player is automatically selected from a different directory. Uploaded album art is for the Live365 station directory and is optional.

  4. Once you have added the correct metadata information to each field, click the orange "Save" button. 


The Track "Type" is an important part of organizing your library, especially for station jingles, etc. Having complete metadata makes it easier for you to search for tracks in your Library.
The correct title, artist, album and Type are required for compliance. These are also required to ensure proper operation of AutoDJ and Scheduled Events.

Album Art, Year and Categories are optional.

You can also preview the track by clicking the play button in the Media -> Tracks pane.

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