On a PC, you can edit the track metadata directly once you've located the file.

  1.  Left-click on the audio file that you want to edit.
  2.  When the pop-up menu appears, Click on the "Properties" tab at the bottom.
  3.  In the Properties popup, under the "Details" tab you will see various fields.

The fields of importance to Live365 are "title", "contributing artist(s)" and "album." These fields correspond to the metadata fields in the Tracks section of Live365.

It is recommended to check and correct your metadata "before" uploading your files. If you already imported the file into your Live365 library without all the metadata, you can also edit it in the Live365 interface in "Media -> Tracks" located on the corresponding station menu. Keep in mind that this change will only be reflected in "the Cloud" and "not" updated to the original file on your local computer.

For information on the importance of correct metadata, click here. Also, check out this article about using MusicBrainz to find the right metadata for your tracks.