Telos Z/IPStream R/1 is a hardware audio streaming device that you can use in conjunction with Live365.

First, make sure you are navigating to the station where you want to start the stream. Highlight and click the station name to select it. If you are unfamiliar with how to navigate this part of Live365, please see this help article which describes dashboard navigation.

Once you have selected the appropriate station, you will be taken to that Station's Menu page. From this page, you will be able to navigate and make the required adjustments to your station.

Here are step-by-step instructions of how to configure Z/IPStream R/1 to work with Live365

The Z/IPStream R/1 offers WAN and LAN/Livewire network ports. In most configurations. The web interface can be reached by pointing a web browser to the IP address of either LAN or WAN network, for example,

If the connection is successful, you should see the configuration page below:

  1. Navigate to Audio and select the Audio interface to XLR.

  2. Access one of the available Codec settings and select the prefered configuration for streaming to Live365.

    For optimal audio quality and streaming performance, we recommend configuring the AAC or MP3 codec to be close to the bitrate you've selected as output within the Live365 Dashboard.

    To adjust your Live365 station’s preferred output format and bitrate simply navigate to Station SettingsOutput Encoding and then ensure your encoder aligns with those specifications. One requirement is that the sample rate must always be set to 44.1 kHz.

    If you are uncertain about what encoding settings to use, please refer to the following blog article for additional information and guidance: Understanding Radio Streaming Formats & Bitrates
  3. Next, we need to set up a metadata filter which will be used to receive the Artist - Title information from your automation software via TCP. Navigate to the Metadata menu item, make sure that the Input and Output code page is configured as UTF-8, and then click on the inline hyperlink " here to manage your metadata filters..." pointed out in the screenshot below:
  4. On your computer, create and save a text file using the .lua extension with the following content:
    UseLineParser()function OnLineReceived(text,endOfLine)
    local title=""
    local url=""
    LogInfo("LineParser Script: title='",title,"', url='",url,"'\n")
  5.  Upload the newly created file through the Filters page:
  6. Go back to the Metadata page and select the filter that you've just uploaded in Step 5.

  7. Download the WatchFile2Tcp utility (provided by Telos) and open it. This will help to make the metadata connection between your automation software and the Telos device. Note that the streaming computer has to be on the same network as the Z/IPStream device.

  8. Fill in the directory or browse for the location where the metadata file will be stored. Also, be sure to fill in the file extension that the application should use when watching for changes.
  9. In the Destination address field, enter the local address and port that has been configured within your streaming software to receive the metadata information from.

  10. Lastly, we need to set up the streaming details for your Live365 station. Open the Live365 Dashboard here. Your Live365 login will be required for this step.

  11. Select Sources  Live DJ from the left-hand Station Menu. Locate the Encoder Settings area.
    For accuracy, it is recommended that you Copy and Paste the credentials. You can do this by clicking the clipboard icon near each credential field, or through the standard Copy (CTRL+c) and Paste (CTRL+p) shortcuts. Paste this information directly into the required fields.

  12. This information can be added to your Z/IPStream device by navigating to one of the four available Stream setups on the main menu page. Because a standalone option to specify the port is not available, please manually add the 8000 port next to address. In this case, the hostname will be

You should now be fully configured to connect and stream out to your Live365 station in LiveDJ mode! 

In order to consider this setup a full success, you will need to verify that the metadata of Artist - Song Title is correctly showing up on your Live365 Dashboard as well as the players and mobile app. Without that metadata, we're unable to provide licensing coverage or royalty reporting to your station.

If you are part of the Ad Revenue Share Program , you need to also manually insert our ad trigger files.