The following is an explanation of the Advertising Revenue Share Program and how much money you may earn from participating. 


Pursuant to Section 9 of the Live365 Broadcaster Terms of Service and in full consideration of Broadcaster’s exclusive grant of Advertising Insertion Rights, Live365 will share 50% of Net Audio Advertising Receipts with Broadcaster. Net Advertising Receipts are the amounts actually received by Live365 for the corresponding Broadcaster’s delivery of advertising impressions during the period.

Revenue Share

Broadcaster’s Revenue Share is calculated each month according to the following formula: 

  • 50% of Net US Audio Advertising Receipts times Broadcaster’s percentage of corresponding paid US impressions delivered for the period.


  • 50% of Net Non US Audio Advertising Receipts times Broadcaster’s percentage of corresponding paid Non US impressions delivered for the period.

Revenue Share Illustration

For illustration purposes, if in a particular month, Live365 received $25,000 for delivery of 8.5 million US audio impressions, a Broadcaster whose stations delivered 20,000 of those impressions would be paid $14.70 for these US impressions which represents 50% of the corresponding US ad revenue delivered by this station. A similar calculation will be done on non-US revenue and impressions. 

Account Credits

A Broadcaster may request to receive revenue credits from Live365 each month, 90-120 days following the end of a corresponding month. The Ad Revenue Share requests are currently being processed manually. Please make sure to submit a new ticket or send an e-mail to for requesting an Ad Revenue payment.

Only those Broadcasters whose Live365 accounts are current (i.e. active Advertising Supported Package with an account in good standing) are eligible to receive payment from Live365. You may collect your first revenue credits 90-120 days after your account was created.

Ad Play Specifications

Broadcasters are required to provide Live365 a minimum of 4 minutes per hour of commercials. A maximum of two (2) minutes is allowed per ad break, with a separation of at least 15 minutes in-between each ad break. An ad break is defined as an event triggered in order to allow Live365 to insert digital audio ads on the stream.

All Live365 customers in the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada, across packages, are also free to run their own advertisements and sponsorships. This was one of the most requested features from our broadcasters. We’ve worked hard behind the scenes to make this possible and are excited to see the new ways our broadcasters craft their stations around this new feature. 



In order to receive your share of the Advertising Revenue, you must be up-to-date on your current billing cycle, with no outstanding payments, and adhere to the Advertising Revenue Share Program guidelines of at least 4 minutes per hour of ads, with a maximum duration of 2 minutes per ad break. The Ad Revenue Share requests should be submitted manually by our Broadcasters.


Live365 has the right to modify the terms of the “Advertising Revenue Share Program” at any time. For the latest terms and conditions about Live365’s “Advertising Revenue Share Program,” including information about how to receive your payment from Live365, please refer to the Live365 “Advertising Revenue Share Program” details page

For questions regarding revenue, payment status, or other information, please email support or open a ticket