In full consideration of Broadcaster’s grant of Advertising Insertion Rights for Monthly Packages With Ads, Live365 will share 50% of Net Advertising Receipts with Broadcaster.  Net Advertising Receipts are the amounts actually received by Live365 for the corresponding Broadcaster’s delivery of advertising impressions during the period.

Broadcaster’s Revenue Share is calculated each month according to the following formula: Number of Advertising Impressions delivered in Broadcaster’s station divided by one thousand (1,000) times the corresponding Net eCPM (Effective Cost per Thousand) times Broadcaster’s Revenue Share of fifty percent (50%).

For illustration purposes, if in a particular month, Broadcaster delivered ten thousand (10,000) advertising impressions with a Net eCPM of $3.00, the Broadcaster’s Revenue Share would be $15.00 (10,000/1,000 * $3 * 50%). Broadcaster’s Revenue Share will be calculated 120-180 days following end of corresponding month and Broadcaster must write in to request to receive credit on their account or payment from Live365 for their Revenue Share balance. Only those Broadcasters whose Live365 accounts are current (i.e., active With Advertising Packages  and not delinquent) are eligible to receive credits or payment from Live365.

Broadcaster is required to provide Live365 a minimum of 4 minutes per hour of commercials. A maximum of two (2) minutes is allowed per ad break, with a separation of at least 15 minutes in-between each ad break. An ad break is defined as an event triggered in order to allow Live365 to insert digital audio ads on the stream.  For questions regarding Revenue Share, Broadcaster’s balance, credits or payments, please e-mail or open a support ticket.