When running your station in LiveDJ or Relay mode, you are required (unless you are on a Without Ads package and have opted out of the Advertising Revenue Share Program) to insert our advertisements as outlined. If you are using LiveDJ automation software, we provide the files which trigger commercials to be played on your stream. These trigger files must be placed into your automation application and be played as part of your regular rotation. 

All With Ads station packages are required, according to the Terms of Service (Section A), to insert our advertisements as outlined. 

You will need to insert advertisements according to the required ad insertion time frame of four (4) minutes of advertisements for every one (1) hour of broadcasting. This means that if you want to trigger advertisements that are 30 seconds long, you must use eight (8) individual 30 second ad triggers across each hour. 

  • The ad trigger files are in the ZIP folders linked below. (Note that if you receive a "Whoops! There was a problem with the preview." message at any of the links below, you can still select "Download.")
  • Each folder contains files for specific lengths (30, 60, 90, 120 seconds), and there are 5 copies of each trigger spot. This is so that you can trigger multiple ads of the same length. 
  • Once downloaded, unzip the folder and place the ad trigger .MP3s where your automation system pulls tracks from.
  • Some automation systems require additional steps to get the ad triggers to actually trigger ads. You'll want to follow instructions specifically related to your automation system.

Editing the Ad Trigger Files

It is very important that you do not edit the audio track or metadata of the ad triggers as this will cause overlap/under-run issues. The ad trigger files should remain in their original form in order to work correctly. Some media and automation programs may try to alter the metadata or add custom fades to the trigger files. Please ensure that this does not happen, as it will cause the ads to not be inserted correctly.

Please listen to your own station as a listener to confirm that you are hearing advertisements played, and not the default ad trigger audio. If you do not hear different commercials being played, then there is a problem with your trigger files, automation system, or encoder. Please open a ticket with us here.

Ad Trigger Updates

Occasionally, we may need to update the ad trigger files for technical reasons. When this happens, we will announce it. It will be important that you delete any old trigger files from your local music library or the folder that your automation software picks the trigger files from so that you can replace them with any updated versions. You might not hear a difference in our updated files, as they are just templates. Be sure that you search in File Explorer or Finder for "ADBREAK" or "ADBREAK*.mp3" before downloading them again.