Mobile apps are one of the most efficient and direct ways to reach your audience. Besides the official Live365 Android/iOS apps, we can build you your own personalized application just for your station.

Our team of professionals specializing in mobile technology can build you a single-station application for Android and iOS. This is available as an add-on for any package, and is included in the Broadcast 4, Broadcast 5, and Non-Copyright 4 exclusive distribution opportunities.

In this help article we will cover:

How to get started

There are two initial paths you can take in order to get the app development process going. 

One path is to purchase or upgrade your current package to Broadcast 4, Broadcast 5, or Non-Copyright 4. All of these packages include the single-station iOS/Android apps, Alexa Skill among other exclusivities.

The second path is to purchase the mobile app as an add-on. Because we know how important mobile availability is for our community stations, we have made this feature available to any available package. You can have an iOS and Android application developed for your station for a small monthly fee.

You can add Mobile Apps to your Live365 station during the new order process by following the steps below:

  1. Access our Packages and Pricing page and select the desired streaming package.
  2. Add your details and register an account with Live365.
  3. You will be redirected to the station creation page. Insert your Station name, Genre, and Description, then click Next.
  4. Make sure the desired package is selected. The Mobile App add-on is located at the bottom of the page. In order to add it to your station, click the Add button.

  5. After adding the Mobile App, click the Next button to proceed to the last step.

  6. Insert your payment details and complete the order process.

If you are an existing broadcaster, follow the steps below for adding the Mobile App add-on to your current subscription:

  1. Access and log in to the Live365 Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Billing Services and select the station you would like to apply the addon to.
  3. Click the Manage add-ons button.

  4. Add the Mobile App addon then press Next.

  5. Confirm and process the payment.

One of our Setup Specialists will then reach out to you by e-mail to provide additional details. They will also be asking for your station's details and preferred configurable items.


For submitting your standalone app to the App Store and Google Play, you'll need to acquire and maintain your own Apple and Google Developer accounts. The links for acquiring a Developer Account can be found below:

  • Google Developer Account [Create]
  • Apple Developer Account [Create]

Note: It is highly encouraged that you join the Apple developer program as an Organization. An Organization account will also allow you to easily invite our developers to access your account.

Note: The developer fees you will need to pay are Apple ($99/year) and Google ($25 one-time).

Features and user interface

Main displayMedia PlayerContact Page

Android app

iOS app

Displays the previously played tracks with the metadata information and the album artwork. This page also includes your station's logo and buttons to access the Media Player and Contact Page.

Used to playback the audio from your Live365 station. It also includes:

  • Start/Stop button
  • Currently playing track
  • Album artwork
  • Social Media share button

Displays the logo of the station, a text box that can contain information of your choice, a direct send e-mail button, and social media/website links.

Configurable items

The following visual elements can be configured based on your choice:

  • Application name - the way it is listed in the app store and on the listener's device
  • Application logo
  • Facebook URL - This information is pulled from the Dashboard station's settings.
  • Twitter URL - This information is pulled from the Dashboard station's settings.
  • Website URL - This information is pulled from the Dashboard station's settings.
  • Contact e-mail address - your public-facing station or DJ e-mail contact
  • Text from the Contact Page - This information is pulled from the Dashboard station's settings.

If you would like to discuss the Branded Single Station apps, please send an email to, or set up a one-on-one call or Zoom meeting with a knowledgeable Product Consultant to inquire.

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