Here are some things you should know about upgrading or downgrading your Live365 Broadcast Package.

We understand that you may want to switch between packages with no ads, or want to increase or decrease your rate based on TLH use. Here is how this is done:

NOTE: Your billing cycle will remain the same with the readjusted rate.

If you choose to change your current broadcast plan, you can initiate the process by following these steps. 

Step 1) From the Account Menu, locate and select "Billing."

Step 2) Next, select "Services" from the "Billing" dropdown menu.

Step 3) Identify the station for which you want to upgrade/downgrade the service. Select the "Actions"  menu ( . . . ).

Step 4) From the "Actions" menu options, select "Edit."

Step 5) Select your new Package plan.

Once you have initiated this action, our billing and invoicing software will be notified of your intent to change your plan. Future invoices will be generated on the day of your currently paid invoicing cycle with the new pricing.

Upgrade/Downgrade Error

If you made this upgrade/downgrade by error or accident, you will need to reach out to a Solutions team member to restore it to it's original plan or you can go back and switch it yourself by redoing the steps. 

Contact Us

Solutions can be reached by emailing or at this link.