By ordering or upgrading to one of the two Live365 packages, you will receive:

Premium station distribution - iHeartRadio listing included

Live365 has proudly partnered with iHeartMedia allowing our Broadcast 4, Broadcast 5, and Non-Copyright 4 Live365 stations to be available on iHeartRadio, increasing their visibility and discoverability. Listeners can visit to download iHeartRadio on their favorite device and tune in anywhere they are.

iHeartRadio is a U.S.-based broadcast, podcast, and streaming radio platform owned by iHeartMedia, one of the largest radio broadcasting platforms in the United States.

Premium station distribution - TuneIn On Air

Allows the Live365 Stations to expand their reach to TuneIn’s 30 million US-based listeners via TuneIn’s app and 200+ connected devices and auto partners, which include Tesla, Volvo, Sonos, Amazon, Samsung, and others.

Listeners can visit to download the TuneIn app on their favorite devices and start listening anywhere they are.

More information about TuneIn On Air can be found here.

HTML5 Player

The Live365 HTML5 player is one of the best ways for your listeners to experience your station, also, it is the easiest to share via social media. The web player will display all the current track information, previous tracks, links for purchasing tracks, as well as links to your station’s social media and website.

With the recent licensing updates, the listening process only requires one click. You can find an HTML5 player example here.

Note: The HTML5 player has a wide device compatibility. It can be accessed from any device and screen size with a compatible browser, including smart TV's or car infotainment system.

Enterprise-grade Analytics

We know that listener statistics are of paramount importance to any of our Broadcasters. Having as much information as possible about your listeners will allow you to get to know your audience better, as well as take important decisions to grow your audience.

For that reason, we are happy to introduce to you our Analytics & Reporting Manager, or ARM for short. ARM will be the new home for your Live365 station's statistics.

Custom mobile apps and Amazon Alexa skill

Mobile applications have been nothing but transformative in the audio streaming field over the past years. In 2021, the number of smartphone users over the world is 3.8 Billion, which translates to 48.33% of the world's population using a smartphone. Mobile apps currently represent the most efficient and direct way to reach your audience.

Besides your station being listed in the Live365 mobile apps and Alexa skill, our team of professionals specialized in mobile technology will build your own single-station application for Android and iOS, as well as an Alexa skill.

Benztown imaging package

Benztown Branding continuously delivers high-quality audio elements across twenty-one libraries and thirteen formats including AC, Hot AC, CHR, Country, Classic Hits, News/Talk, Rock, Classic Rock, Rhythmic, Hip Hop, and Hip Hop AC.

As part of our two newest Live365 broadcast packages, Broadcast 4, Broadcast 5, and Non-Copyright 4, you can acquire free imaging packages containing shelled produced:

  • Promos and sweepers
  • Ramploops
  • Branded song intros
  • Artist IDs
  • Listener drops
  • Song hooks
  • Music beds

VIP Support

As an audio CDN, we absolutely understand the need to respond to and resolve issues with streams as promptly as possible. Our teams continue to grow and expand our customer support offerings while providing quicker response times for all Live365 customers. 

For these exclusive packages, we are providing enhanced response times which ensure that one of our Support Specialists is getting a first response to you for any support request in maximum:

  • 12 hours for Broadcast 4 and Non-Copyright 4 packages
  • 3 hours for Broadcast 5 packages

If you would like to discuss these packages, which include iHeart distribution, please reach out to

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