Select Live365 stations are able to quickly get listed on TuneIn On Air with just one click, increasing their visibility and discoverability. This feature is part of our continued goal of providing the most exclusive distribution opportunities for our broadcasting community.

Live365 has proudly partnered with TuneIn allowing the Live365 Stations to expand their reach to TuneIn’s 30 million US-based listeners via TuneIn’s app and 200+ connected devices and auto partners, which include Tesla, Volvo, Sonos, Amazon, Samsung, and others.

Listeners can visit to download the TuneIn app on their favorite devices and start listening anywhere they are.

In order to take advantage of this offer, you must upgrade to one of the Broadcast 4 or Broadcast 5 packages or add TuneIn On Air to your current package as an add-on for a small monthly fee.

How to add TuneIn On Air to your Live365 station?

  1. Access and log in to the Live365 Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Billing Services and select the station to which you would like to apply the add-on.
  3. Click on the Get add-ons button.
  4. Add the TuneIn On Air add-on then press Next.
  5. Confirm and process the payment.

The listing process of your Live365 station to TuneIn On Air starts automatically once your package includes this feature. Stations will show up within 48 hours in the TuneIn mobile apps and web directory. Amazon Alexa and Google listing can take up to 2 weeks after purchasing the add-on.

The Live365 TuneIn On Air stations will be distributed in TuneIn United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Note: Direct metadata transmission to TuneIn is not currently supported. Due to some technical difficulties, we had to delay the TuneIn AIR API release for the Live365 Dashboard. This will allow displaying metadata in real time on your TuneIn station profile. We expect this feature to be finalized and available by the end of the quarter 3 of 2023. For the avoidance of doubt, all listening sessions resulting from TuneIn via Live365 servers are still tracked for music royalty payments and are included in your overall listening.


  • If we add our station to Tune In On Air, will you still cover the licensing?

Yes, Live365 will continue taking care of your station's music license and royalty reporting, including the listeners from the TuneIn platform.

  • If someone hears an ad on one of the platforms that TuneIn support, do those ad impressions count toward my revenue sharing?

Yes, any content that is aired through your Live365 station is also heard on TuneIn. The ad impressions are counted as usual.

  • How can I update my station listing on TuneIn if I am subscribed to the Live365 TuneIn On Air add-on?

It's as simple as updating the information in your Station Profile within the Dashboard. Once you make the changes, the updated information will be automatically transmitted to TuneIn within a span of 24 hours.

  • How can I update my station listing on TuneIn if I registered on my own?

You can change your station's details on TuneIn by contacting TuneIn support through this form.

  • Why can't I locate my station on TuneIn after reactivating my subscription following a lapse or cancellation?

         When your subscription lapses or is canceled, a manual reactivation is necessary on TuneIn's end as well. Feel free to reach out to our Support Team by creating a new ticket and we will gladly get this addressed for you.

If you would like to discuss more about this offer, just send an email to