Benztown Branding provides the world’s most powerful imaging libraries with over 30,000 audio elements, updated and growing daily.

Benztown Branding continuously delivers high-quality audio elements across twenty-one libraries and many formats including:

All Live365 broadcasters qualify for a subscription to one of Benztown's libraries for just $5, getting them 15 downloads each month. Live365 broadcasters are also able to upgrade to the custom launch package for $250, which includes 1 page of copy fully produced (dry voiceover provided by broadcaster). 

As part of our two newest Live365 broadcast packages, Broadcast 4, Broadcast 5, and Non-Copyright 4, our Broadcasters can acquire free imaging packages containing shelled produced:

  • Promos and sweepers
  • Ramploops
  • Branded song intros
  • Artist IDs
  • Listener drops
  • Song hooks
  • Music beds

If you would like to discuss this offer more, just send an email at, or submit a new ticket with us here.

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