The term cross-fading refers to a mixing technique used in audio production and engineering. On Live365 the cross-fade settings are located within the Sources -> AutoDJ settings, and they can also be applied to scheduled events if you choose to.

The scheduling system allows you to apply the crossfade settings to each track transition within an event. A side effect of this is that it can lead to the timing and duration of events being different than you expect.

When the crossfade option is checked, the audio between two sequential tracks, while transitioning, is overlapping and will cause the actual event/playlist duration to be shortened by "x" number of seconds. The "x" number is dependent on what value is set for the crossfade option. 

Thinking about this on a larger scale, if a series of multiple playlists are being scheduled back to back on a 24 hours basis, you may start noticing a desync between the visual representation of the scheduler grid and the actual playback time of your events. 

It is highly recommended to implement an occasional small buffer time between playlist events. This will allow AutoDJ to play and then start the next event at the desired time. 

The actual duration of the event can also be approximated by the following formula:

[Playlist Runtime] - [Crossfade duration] * [[The number of tracks from the Playlist]-1]

If you have additional questions, comments, or concerns about the cross-fade and scheduled events durations, please contact the Solutions team here.