By using the "Do Not Play" option on individual tracks, you can take them out of rotation without having to delete them.

The ability to hide tracks from AutoDJ picking them up greatly enhances the management of your media library. Previously, broadcasters would need to delete their seasonal songs or try to trick the system by setting them to the "Uncategorized" Track Type. With the "Do Not Play" flag, you are able to quickly take a track out of rotation without worrying about it's Type or Category.

Applying the "Do Not Play" flag to a track:

This feature shows up in the Media->Tracks window when you edit an individual track.

  1. Find the track in your media library by searching and scrolling to it.
  2. Click the Actions menu (...) in the far right column for the specific track and select "Edit."
  3. In the "Edit Track" window, look for the "Do Not Play" checkbox in the bottom left of the pop-up.
  4. Checking this box effectively hides the track from automation modes, taking it out of rotation for AutoDJ, ClockWheels, and ClockWheels as AutoDJ modes. On the other hand, unchecking this box lets the track be picked up by automation modes again by putting it back into rotation.
  5. Select "Save" and your "Do Not Play" selection will then be applied.

How does this affect my track mix in automation mode? How would I use this feature?

Let's say you have 30 Halloween songs and IDs which you want to bring into rotation from September through November 1st. You've uploaded these tracks into your Live365 cloud library and have processed them to be picked up by AutoDJ and ClockWheels. When November 2nd rolls around, you want these tracks to stop being played. No one wants to hear "Monster Mash" partway through December.

By setting all of your Halloween files to "Do Not Play," AutoDJ will not pull them into rotation while in Random or ClockWheels as AutoDJ mode. They still remain in your library, but are not part of the rotation. These tracks are also not available for the ClockWheels engine to pull from when it generates track lists. You've effectively hidden these tracks from the automation system without having to delete them.