The legacy Broadcaster software was allowing you to set tracks as "Uncategorized" Track Type. This Track Type was found to cause a series of playback issues and has been removed in the new Dashboard software.

As we work towards building a more robust Internet radio platform, we sometimes need to make major adjustments to existing systems in order to move our software forward. Getting rid of "Uncategorized" as a Track Type was not an easy decision, but is key to the new software functioning as we'd like.

If you previously used the "Uncategorized" Track Type on the tracks in your Live365 library, they have been converted to "Music" Track Types alongside a "Do Not Play" flag. This happened automatically during the migration process. All of your previous "Uncategorized" tracks will now have these settings applied to them.

As such, you may need to make adjustments to your Playlists and ClockWheels to account for this change. If these files are not Music tracks, then you can batch edit them to convert them to "Talk" or "Promo" Track Types as needed. You can learn more about the "Do Not Play" flag here.