StationPlaylist software is just one of many different 3rd-party automation/playout programs that are compatible with Live365. Using StationPlaylist will allow you to broadcast live to your Live365 stream. There are a few different versions of the StationPlaylist software, depending on the functionality that you need. StationPlaylist only works on Windows operating systems. They do offer a trial version of the software but if you decide to continue using it, you will need to purchase it.

Here are step-by-step instructions of how to configure StationPlaylist to work with Live365:

Step 1) Download a copy of the StationPlaylist software. 

Step 2)  Open the Live365 Broadcaster dashboard. (Login Required)

Step 3)  In the left navigation menu, click Sources -> LiveDJ. Locate the "Encoder Settings" area as shown below:

Step 4) Open the StationPlaylist Encoder for your station, and press the Add Encoder” button.

Step 5) You should now see a new encoder appear in the list. Double left click to open it.

Step 6) Copy & paste the "Encoder Settings" from the Sources -> LiveDJ screen (Step 3) into the encoder configuration box, then press “OK.”

Server Type should be set to Icecast2. Enter the Server IP, Port, Password, and Mount-point exactly as they appear in the “Encoder Settings” window. Don't forget the " / " before entering the Mount Name. Enter “source” in the Username text box. Please note that many of the inquiries we receive regarding encoders not connecting deal with manually entering the details rather than copying and pasting them directly.

Step 7) Press the “Connect” button to begin broadcasting.

When you click the “Connect” button, you will override any scheduled Events and AutoDJ in the Live365 Broadcaster.

Please note that even when broadcasting live, your files need to accurately transmit the correct metadata for copyrighted content. This includes the Artist and Title. If you are part of the Ad Revenue Share Program, you must also manually insert our ad trigger files