AutoDJ Separation Rules are an important feature that controls the frequency with which tracks, artists and albums are repeated when AutoDJ is selecting tracks.

AutoDJ has always followed the DMCA rules regarding how many tracks from an artist or album can play within every 3 hours.

Our AutoDJ Separation Rules feature helps by allowing finer control over track play frequency when your station is broadcasting in AutoDJ mode. Many of our broadcasters run their stations exclusively in AutoDJ, so these rules will be very helpful for those who want to have more creative control over their track rotation, but do not want to make Playlists for all hours of the day.

These rules can be found in Sources -> AutoDJ in the Station Menu.


To access the AutoDJ Separation Rules, select "Track Mix" from the AutoDJ Settings screen.

There are 4 separation rules from which you can choose. Each lets you configure the amount of time that must elapse before a track with the specified criteria is played again.

Here is a brief explanation of each separation rule:

  • Do not play the same artist within
    • Sets the amount of time between tracks playing from any artist. For example, you might want to never play an artist twice within 1 hour.
  • Do not play the same album within
    • Tracks which are from the same album are separated by the time indicated. For example, you may want to only hear a second track from an album which already played after 2 hours have passed, and not sooner.
  • Do not play same title within
    • This controls the separation of specific titles according to the Title field in the track library. For example, your library might contain David Bowie's "Under Pressure" from the 2010 live album "A Reality Tour" as well as off of the Queen album "Hot Space" from 1982. This setting would limit how often different versions of the same song are able to be played.
  • Do not play same track within
    • Sets the amount of time between individual MP3 files potentially repeating. Each track that you uploaded to your Live365 station has an internal ID number which corresponds to it, regardless of the metadata fields. This separation rule controls how often an individual file can be played by AutoDJ.

Please note that it is important and necessary to have accurate metadata for your tracks as AutoDJ doesn't know how to handle "Untitled Album" or misnamed songs. You can read more about that here.

Each separation rule contains a drop-down menu with eight different time spans ranging from 45 minutes to 240 minutes. These drop-down menus will let you specify how much time will elapse before playing again.

By configuring these rules to your preferences, you will have finer control over the degree of randomness during AutoDJ mode.