When using the Relay feature to pull streams to Live365, you should use the normal ad triggers to insert the ads.

Just as you are in control of your content while in LiveDJ mode, you should have control over the content playing through the relay. The only difference between using the Relay feature and LiveDJ mode is that when you’re using the Relay feature, you are relaying from another source rather than connecting an encoder directly to Live365. Therefore, the process for inserting ads using Relay should be the same as the process in LiveDJ mode. Simply download the Live DJ Ad Triggers and place them so that they are part of your regular rotation at a rate of 4 minutes per hour.


If you are looking for information on inserting ads in LiveDJ mode, take a look at our Live DJ Ad Triggers article. General information about ad insertion compliance can be found here. For information on the Relay feature, read our article on using the Relay Feature to Pull Streams to Live365.

NOTE:  You will need to configure the stream being relayed to be encoded at 128 kbps, CBR, 44.1 kHz, MP3.