Below you will find the prices of the Live365 Broadcaster packages we offer. Each of these packages is billed monthly and comes with a different amount of TLH and library storage. 

Live365 provides various subscription plans across a range of prices. To see more details about our packages beyond this article, please visit our on-boarding page

The plan you choose depends on the amount of monthly listening hours you would like (for listener traffic from the United States, Canada and United Kingdom), as well as how much space you will need to store your media library. The plans displayed below apply to stations which include licensing coverage, royalty reporting and participation in the Advertising Revenue Share Program. These With Ads Packages are discounted from the full price of Live365 Broadcaster. When you opt into the Advertising Revenue Sharing Program, there is a potential for generating enough revenue to be credited to your account, resulting in an even higher discount. 

Other than the fixed monthly cost of a Live365 Broadcaster package, there are no additional charges for subscribing to Live365's services. 

The Broadcast 4 and Broadcast 5 packages offer exclusive distribution opportunities including iHeartRadio listing among other perks that will boost your Live365 station's listenership. To read more about these packages, please access this help article.

Package NameCost (USD)Total Listening HoursCloud Storage
Broadcast 1 With Ads$59.001,50025 GB
Broadcast 2 With Ads$99.003,50050 GB
Broadcast 3 With Ads$199.007,000100 GB
Broadcast 4 With Ads
$499.0010,000200 GB
Broadcast 5 With Ads$999.0020,000500 GB

We also offer Without Ads packages. Stations on the Without Ads tier represent the full price of Live365’s services and are therefore slightly more expensive than the discounted With Ads packages. If you are a Broadcaster who prefers not to have advertisements playing on your station, this would be the tier to pick for you.

Package NameCost (USD)Total Listening HoursCloud Storage
Broadcast 1 No Ads$79.001,50025 GB
Broadcast 2 No Ads$134.003,50050 GB
Broadcast 3 No Ads$274.007,000100 GB
Broadcast 4 No Ads
$664.0010,000200 GB
Broadcast 5 No Ads$1330.0020,000500 GB

Live365 Product Consultants

A large portion of the monthly fee we charge covers the licensing and royalty reporting for your stream. Therefore, if you already have your own stream licensing, we can create a custom package for you. If you already have your own ASCAP, SESAC, BMI, AllTrack, SOCAN, Re:Sound, PPL and PRS for Music licenses, please contact our Product Consultants for details.

We welcome you to call or set up an appointment with one of our Product Consultants who specialize in sales inquiries. They can assist you with any questions you may have regarding our range of Broadcaster plans, as well as help determine which plan would work the best for you. To request an appointment, please schedule a sales consultation session.