The GoLive feature in the Live365 Broadcaster app allows you to stream live talk from your mobile device directly to your Live365 station.

With GoLive, you can now engage with your listeners or give them shout outs on-the-go using your mobile device. Here are several scenarios for using GoLive:

  • Sending real-time shout-outs to your listeners.
  • Call out an upcoming event or show that will be playing on your station.
  • Making real-time announcements to your listeners.
  • Ad-hoc talk show or debate around a trending topic.
  • Interviewing someone that you met in real-time.

This article will walk you through the steps to use the GoLive feature.

Note: We are rolling out the GoLive as a BETA feature to the Live365 Broadcaster app. When the update is available to you, this feature allows you to live broadcast to your Live365 station directly from your mobile device.To ensure the GoLive feature meets user expectations, we’ll be taking feedback from our select group of users and tweaking the feature as we go, before making the feature widely accessible to our Broadcaster Community. 


Before you start using the GoLive feature, please ensure that:

  • You have the latest version of the Live365 Broadcaster app installed on your mobile device. You can find the download links for both Android and iOS platforms within this help article.
  • Your mobile device has a working internal or external microphone connected.
  • You are in a location with good internet coverage and your internet connection on your mobile device is stable. You will need a mobile or Wi-Fi connection with at least 1MBps upload speed for consistent, high-quality audio during your live broadcasts.
  • Choose a quiet environment with minimal background noise to provide your listeners with a clear and pleasant listening experience.

How to GoLive

Follow these simple steps to start a live broadcast using the GoLive feature:

  1. Launch the Live365 Broadcaster app on your mobile device. Ensure that you are logged in with your Live365 account credentials.
  2. If you have multiple stations in your Live365 account, select the station you wish to broadcast to from the list of available stations.
  3. In the left-side navigation menu, select the GoLive feature under Sources.
  4. The app will request access to your device's microphone. Tap Allow to grant the necessary permission for GoLive to capture your audio.
  5. Tap on Test Microphone to make sure the audio-capturing device is working properly. You can do a short recording and then listen to it to ensure the audio quality matches your expectations.
  6.  Unlike desktop encoders, you won’t need to input any connection credentials or encoding settings as the Live365 Broadcaster app connects directly to your station. When you are ready to start broadcasting live, simply tap the GoLive Now button.
    To help you conduct a smooth transition, the track currently being played by the Live365 Dashboard and its progress is displayed.  We recommend watching the Now Playing progress bar and starting your live transmission close to the ending of the song.
  7. Once you are done engaging with your listeners in real time, tap the Stop Broadcasting button. Your station will automatically switch to the streaming method that is supposed to air at the end of your broadcast (AutoDJ, Schedule, Relay or other LiveDJ connection).

Future of GoLive

The GoLive feature is not currently optimized to broadcast copyrighted music from your mobile device as that would require accurate metadata for each individual music track being transmitted. This is a capability that we are looking forward to releasing in the future. 

For any questions, suggestions, or concerns regarding the GoLive feature, please contact our knowledgeable Support Team by creating a new ticket.