The Live365 Broadcaster App serves as a mobile counterpart to the web-based Live365 software, specifically designed to fit the needs of broadcasters who enjoy using mobile devices.

Our mobile development team designed the app to ensure a consistent user experience, allowing you to easily manage and monitor your stations while on-the-go.

To download and utilize the Live365 Broadcaster app, you must own a device running at least Android 5.0 or iOS 11 operating system. These minimum requirements are subject to change as more features that require a newer version of the operating system may be introduced in the future.

The current version of Live365 Broadcaster offers a range of features. Here are some of the key features that are included:

  • Station Overview - view your current station status and performance.
  • Track List - see a mobile view of your Live365 cloud library.
  • Real-Time Analytics - monitor your current listeners and their geographic distribution.
  • Historical Analytics - check your station’s historical statistics.
  • Customizable Settings - make changes to your operating mode, or update the public details of the station.
  • Notifications - view important messages from the Live365 software.

This initial version is just the start! We'll be continuing to enhance the app's functionality and will introduce new features! These features will further enable you to manage your broadcasting remotely. Keep an eye out for upcoming updates to Live365 Broadcaster.

Click on the download button below that corresponds with your device’s operating system. You will be redirected to either the Apple Store or Google Play Store, where you can download the app on your mobile device.

If you have any questions regarding the app’s functionality, please reach out to us by creating a support ticket here or e-mailing us at Also, we encourage you to send us your thoughts and suggestions. Our teams are always looking for ways to improve your broadcasting experience.