The MultiTrack interface is where you place metadata markers to identify the material comprising your pre-recorded show. Once the file is uploaded to the Live365 Dashboard, you will be able to exactly place markers when specific tracks begin playing.

Interface Overview

Here's a brief overview of the tools you can use to edit each MultiTrack:

  1. File name
  2. Cue sheet (available if uploaded)
  3. Play the track
  4. Current timestamp
  5. Track navigating tools
  6. Audio waveform
  7. Add a new marker
  8. Marker numeration
  9. Marker timestamp
  10. Marker media type
  11. Marker metadata
  12. Ad insertion before or after a marker
  13. Scroll bar
  14. Cancel changes
  15. Save changes

Getting Started with editing a MultiTrack

Initially, there will be one marker added at the very beginning of the file at 00:00:00, and you can modify the metadata of this marker. The rest of the markers will be either added manually or by uploading a cue sheet.

Note: Please wait until the notification message near the top of the MultiTrack interface disappears before making any changes. When the message clears, this is a confirmation of the track being successfully uploaded to the Live365 library.

Listen to the track (▶) or use the visual waveform to locate separate tracks and elements that need to be marked. When listening, the playback indicator will show you the playback progress across the waveform. You want to place the marker as close to the start of each element as possible.

Using either the audio playback method or by visually identifying where each element fades out and in, you will work across the length of your entire pre-recorded show placing markers for each part. This is how you will tell Live365's software what is currently playing, the metadata to display to your listeners, and the song metadata to be logged and reported to the PROs for royalties. 

Make sure to select the accurate Media Type for each track marker you are adding. The available marker types are the same as our Media Types: Music, Talk, ID, and Promo.

Note: There's a limit for how many markers you can add in different time intervals. You can find a list of the limitations below:
• A maximum number of 5 markers can be added within 10 minutes of the MultiTrack file.
• A maximum number of 7 markers can be added within 15 minutes of the MultiTrack file.
• A maximum number of 13 markers can be added within 30 minutes of the MultiTrack file.
• A maximum number of 33 markers can be added within 78 minutes of the MultiTrack file.

Next, you can set album art for each marker. Hover your mouse over the default musical note "artwork" next to the marker, then click on it to upload an album cover from your local storage.

You can also insert advertisement breaks to the MultiTrack if you are on an ad-sponsored package. This is very similar to inserting ad triggers in LiveDJ mode. For more details about this, please see the following article:

Saving your changes

Once you are done with adding or editing markers, be sure to click the "Save" button on the bottom-right to commit your changes. You will be redirected to the Media Library. You can come back and edit the MultiTrack again at any time by simply clicking on the track title within your Live365 library.

To easily find your MultiTrack files in the Media lLibrary, you can either look for the MultiTrack icon in the Type column or apply a Media Type filter to the library by selecting the "MultiTrack" type from the drop-down:

The Media Type filter is the third element from the left of the Tracks screen, and it displays All types by default.

If you're following along with the series of MultiTrack tutorials, we go into the details on placing ad markers next!

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