The most common reason for a Live365 account to be suspended is the inability of our billing system to process your recurring payment using the billing information on file for your Live365 account.

If your Live365 account has passed the invoice due date and our billing system is unable to process the payment, you will receive a series of automated e-mail notifications before the station gets in a suspended state. 

The notifications will point out that there is an issue with the payment and advise you to update your payment details within the Live365 Dashboard. 

You can easily update your payment card on file by following this help article:

Below, you can find a list of common billing issues that can occur and how to fix them:

Credit card is not supported
Please contact your credit card issuer to make sure your card can be used to make this type of purchase.
The card has expired
Once you receive a new credit card, you need to update the details of the credit card on file with the new information provided by the bank.
Generic declineThe card has been declined for an unknown reason. Please contact the card issuer for more information.
Insufficient fundsThe card has insufficient funds to complete the purchase. Please top up the credit card, or update your payment information with a different one.
Invalid number, expiration date, CVC or ZipWe recommend double-checking the payment information after it was inserted in the Dashboard to avoid this issue.
Payment not received by the due dateIf have arranged an alternative payment agreement with Live365, please contact our Support Team at and let us know the current state of the transaction.

Another reason that can get your Live365 account suspended is intentionally or unintentionally breaking our Terms of Service. We highly recommend reading through the Live365 Broadcaster, LLC Agreement & Terms of Service.

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