At Live365, we understand that sometimes our broadcasters may run into financial troubles and could use more time to pay their bill. That is why we want to give all of our broadcasters ample opportunity to pay their bill while staying on air.

Broadcasters may request a payment extension of up to 7 days past their initial due date. If you have multiple stations that you would like to request extensions for, you need to send in a request per station. 

If the current billing date does not meet your needs, we are able to change the date that your bill is due up to 1 time per year. Should you need to request an extension beyond this period that necessitates a billing date adjustment, any additional days beyond the billing date will be prorated and included in your upcoming invoice. 

Please note that any payment arrangements, adjustments, or due date changes can result in prorated charges. 

You can find further information about your billing cycle, due dates, invoices, making payments, upgrading, and canceling your station here.