Building a media library at Live365, especially if you're used to streaming services, can be a little tricky. We recommend that you have at least 300+ downloads (which can be a lot of songs when you are getting started), so we've provided a list of our top recommended sources for free and paid legal music downloads for you to begin building your Live365 music library. - You can play the songs before downloading them, but when you're ready to save the songs to your computer, add the items to your cart. Then, you can checkout as if you were purchasing something. You'll be taken to a link to download the music, and it'll also be saved in the digital orders tab of your order history. Make sure you are saving the hard copies of the files, and not just playing them through their Cloud service. With millions of independent artists to choose from that offer free, donation-based, and set price digital singles and albums, this is an excellent option for sourcing music, and it allows you to support the artists and independent labels directly.

With Bandcamp, not all songs can be downloaded for free, but here is how you can download the ones that don't have a minimum price: 

  • Choose "Buy Digital Track" or "buy now," enter "0" in the box, select "download to your computer," and follow the on-screen prompts to get the download. 
  • Sometimes there isn't a minimum price on entire albums, so you can use the "Buy Digital Album" option to get all of the songs for free. - Their internet audio archive usually contains multiple file formats that you can download the music in, so make sure you select MP3. These are listed in the "DOWNLOAD OPTIONS" area of every download page.