You can use any encoder for broadcasting live from your Mac as long as it is compatible with the Icecast2 server type. Not sure where to start? Here are several options that are free or low cost.

Mixxx - Free and open-source, Mixxx is excellent for Live DJs. The interface is very configurable and can be set up to run in several languages.

Nicecast - Nicecast was retired from active development, so existing Nicecast customers can continue to use Nicecast, but future OS updates will eventually break Nicecast.

Audio Hijack - Audio Hijack has a free version available for macOS. To unlock all of the available features, you will need to buy a license for a one-time payment ($59).

Virtual DJ - Virtual DJ has a "free" home-use version. To unlock the streaming portion, you will need to have a license. With Virtual DJ, you can do a one-time payment ($299) or a monthly subscription ($19/month).

LadioCast - This is an Icecast compatible encoder that is free.

Broadcast Using This Tool (butt) - Free Icecast compatible encoder for macOS. Great for live voice broadcasting.

Radiologik DJ  - $192 with 1 year of updates or $256 with lifetime updates. Licensed for non-profits up to 3 Macs per 1 programming channel/station for uses such as: Internet-only stations, College and School stations, LPFMs & NCEs.

Please note that whichever applications you choose, when streaming music, the application will need the ability to send Live365 the metadata of the track (song title and artist) to keep your broadcast in compliance with the DMCA rules.

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