Our system will notify you if you appear to be reaching your maximum total listening hours limit for your monthly broadcasting cycle. Because of the licensing costs, Live365 reserves the right to upgrade your account to the package matching your monthly TLH.

Currently, the allotted TLH for each broadcast plan is as follows:

  • Broadcast 1 package: 1,500 hours
  • Broadcast 2 package: 3,500 hours
  • Broadcast 3 package: 7,000 hours
  • Broadcast 4 package: 10,000 hours
  • Broadcast 5 package: 20,000 hours

Once you go over your allotted TLH amount, Live365 will upgrade you to the next package and credit you a prorated amount used from your lower package against the higher package. For subsequent months, you will be billed at the higher package. For excess listener hours on the Broadcast 5 package, customers are billed at $0.05 per TLH. (This includes United States, Canada, and UK TLH.)

You will find the upgrade details on the invoice as an extra item.

Example 1:

Customer signs up with Broadcast 1 (1,500 TLH included), and 25 days into the cycle hits 1,501 TLH. They would then be bumped up to Broadcast 2 (3,500 TLH). The Customer will be prorated for the amount of 5 days of usage at the higher package. In addition, they will be renewed at the Broadcast 2 package for subsequent months.

Example 2:

The customer is on Broadcast 5 package (20,000 TLH). Customer uses 20,251 hours for the entire month. Customer will be billed the excess hours of 251 x $0.05, for a total of $12.55 on top of the base price of the Broadcast 5 package.

The TLH count resets on the 1st of each month. You can read more about Total Listening Hours here.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this process, please contact our Support Team here.