TLH stands for Total Listening Hours, also known as TLH. TLH is the number of hours that listeners have been connected to your station within a time period, measured by the month. Our broadcasting packages are based on this metric. 

How is TLH calculated?

TLH is calculated by the amount of time that listeners have been connected to your station. For example, if you have 100 listeners connected to your station for 10 hours each over a month then that would be 1,000 listening hours. 

Why is TLH important?

Each broadcast package comes with a specific amount of monthly TLH. TLH is a way to measure of the amount of licensing coverage, royalty payments and distribution resources your station will use.

You can see the packages here and view your specific package by going to Billing -> Services.  

A station’s TLH usage resets at the beginning of each month, and you can see your current usage on your Live365 Station Overview pane, as shown below:


If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding TLH, please contact the Solutions team here.