There are display ads on the Station Profile Pages, but these ads are not part of the Ad Revenue Share Program.

Display ads are shown on Station Profile Pages, but display ads are completely separate from audio ads played on your station. Whether you have a station with ads or an ad-free station, display ads will still show on your Station Profile Page as they are not part of the Ad Revenue Share Program.

The purpose of these display ads is to generate revenue for Live365 that we can then take a percentage of to direct more listeners to your stations. For example, one of the ways that we use that revenue is by "boosting" our weekly featured spotlight station posts on Facebook and Instagram. By "boosting these posts" we mean that we are investing that revenue into posts about your stations so that more people on social media see the posts of your stations. We simply want to make your stations more visible past our audience and direct more listeners to your stations.

NOTE: Currently, display ads do not appear on Pop-Out Players or in the Mobile App. 

We monitor the display ads that appear on Live365, however, some display ads make it to the site before we can review them. We work very hard to ensure that we block any ads that should not be on our site, but please report any ads that you believe shouldn't be on our site. To report an ad, please email us at or submit a support ticket. When you report an ad, please include screenshots of the ad itself and the ad URL (click on the ad OR right-click + copy link) as they are very helpful in tracking down these ads to prevent them from appearing again.

While we have filters and settings in place to ensure that any ads which don't belong on our site do not appear, the display ads that are delivered to listeners reflect the AdChoices demographics and preferences of the listener. So, please do remember that the ads are specialized to listeners, not the station.