Each station's licensed Pop-out Player is available for listeners in the United States, Canada, and U.K. only. This geographic availability is due to the music licensing that we currently provide. Album art in the pop-out Player is automatically sourced from an online database.


NOTE: The Pop-out Player is only available for listeners in the United States, Canada, and the U.K. due to the music licensing that we provide.

Each Live365 station comes with a custom pop-out player. This player is linked to from your station dashboard. You can also  navigate to your station’s player at player.live365.com/(StationID). Example: player.live365.com/a12345

The pop-out player is the best way for your listeners to experience your station! The pop-out player will display all the current track information, links for purchasing tracks, accessing lyric information, sharing your station and as well a links to your station’s social media platforms.

Here is an example pop-out player and how to navigate it:

(1) Cart: Click here to purchase the song that you’re currently listening to from iTunes or Amazon Music. Clicking on the cart icon will let you select your preferred digital music retailer. 

(2) Lyrics: Want to sing along, but forgot the words? This link will take you to our partner site LyricsMode to find the lyrics to your new favorite song or classic tune!

(3) Share: This will allow your listeners to send a hyperlink via Twitter or Facebook to let people know they’re listening to your station.

(4) Help and Legal: Clicking here will display your station’s description and our privacy policy regarding the pop-out player.

(5) Sound Meter: If you see these sound bars moving up and down but can’t hear anything, check that your speakers are plugged in and your device volume is turned up. The bars do not indicate that there is sound, merely that the stream is playing.

(6) Duration: This is your listener session timer. It shows how long you’ve been listening to this station this session. Some stations will limit the duration of their listener sessions, anywhere from 2 hours to 24 hours. By default the listening session for most stations will be 6 hours.

Note: The duration for each user session is determined when that session starts. Any changes made to session length will only affect sessions started after the change went into effect. Preexisting sessions will retain the duration they were orginally given.

(7) Last played (another option to purchase previous songs): Clicking on this icon will open a new window from which you can see the last few songs that have been played out. Clicking on a song title in this window will allow you purchase the selected song from iTunes or Amazon Music. Click the red “x” in the corner to close the window.

[Last played songs popup from clicking last played icon screenshot]

(8) Stop: You stop the steam without having to close the window. This will stop your listener session timer. When you want to resume listening, just click the same button, which should now have a play icon in it.

(9) Speaker: Mute the stream by clicking on this icon. Click again to unmute.

(10) Volume Bar: Adjust the stream volume by clicking anywhere on this green bar. The shorter the bar, the lower the stream volume will be.

(11) Social Media Links: Access the station’s Facebook page, Twitter or website by clicking on the corresponding icon. Clicking on the Live365 logo will open the Live365 web page in a new window.

You might find that the album and track data on the pop-out player changes slightly before the track in the audio stream changes. That is normal.