Event start times can be influenced by choosing between strict and flexible scheduling. If you choose a strict Event start, your Playlist will air promptly. This may cause your previous track to be cut short. 


When scheduling an Event in the Live365 interface, you will need to choose between a “Strict” and “Flexible” Event type.


To create an Event, click Schedule -> Events in the Station Menu. Then, either click on the calendar or select "Create Event." This will open a new window in which you will input your Event details. You will find the “Strict” versus “Flexible” option in the event creation window.

Strict and Flexible Event scheduling determines what happens at the start of an Event. 

If you choose a Strict Event type, your Event will start exactly on time. If you have an event scheduled for 2pm, it will start at 2pm, even if that involves cutting off a track that is currently airing. 

If you choose a Flexible Event type, your scheduled Event will start after the current track ends. Depending on the length of your tracks, this can significantly delay the start of your scheduled Event. It is inadvisable to schedule several Flexible Events in a row because each delayed start time can cause an incremental increase in delayed start time for the subsequent Event. This can push the Event to start forward by several minutes or even hours past their scheduled time.

You can read more about scheduling Events here.