New and existing customers often ask what technical requirements are needed to go live or to use an automation/playout program in LiveDJ mode. Here, we will discuss operating systems, RAM, performance, and Internet speed recommendations. 


LiveDJ mode is when you configure your computer to initiate a streaming session to your Live365 station. This lets you host a live talk show or program your station using automation/playout software running on your computer. Examples would be StationPlaylistSAM Broadcaster, & NextKast.

Here are our technical recommendations:

  • Your PC or Mac operating system and drivers should be up to date. Linux is an option as well if you have an Icecast encoder solution for that operating system.
  • We suggest that a Windows computer is running, at minimum, Windows 8.1 with all updates. Windows 10 is ideal.
  • Mac users should be running, at minimum, 10.11 "El Capitan" macOS but the newer versions will help with performance and reliability.
  • While many automation/playout software programs will function using 4GB of RAM, 8GB + of RAM is recommended.
  • While not necessary in all cases, it is recommended that the computer you use for broadcasting be dedicated to that function. This will improve the stability and overall functionality of the operating system when configured as a stand-alone unit. If your computer is dual purpose, used for everyday computing and broadcasting, it is recommended that you avoid using applications that require a lot of CPU processing. 
    • You should exit out of as many programs as possible before starting a LiveDJ session. 
    • Web browser tabs can use a significant amount of RAM and CPU resources.
    • Programs such as graphic editors are known to cause interruptions to live streams.
    • One approach is to try opening other programs (if needed) to see if they negatively affect your live streaming.
  • A wired Internet connection is required. This means having an Ethernet or coaxial cable connected directly to your computer and your Internet router or modem. 
    • Note that Wifi is known to cause stream drops and glitches in a live session.
    • Your upstream speed should be at a minimum 1 Mbps (megabits per second), but a higher upstream speed will be beneficial.
  • Our platform is designed to work with ChromeFirefox, and Safari web browsers. Other web browsers will work, but you may experience some minor issues.
  • Accurate metadata for each individual song is required.

These minimum recommendations should be enough to get you started. Please contact us if you have any questions about your setup.

(Disclaimer: Live365 does not personally endorse or recommend any software or hardware. This information is provided as a courtesy to our broadcasters for the purpose of research.)