One of the most frequent questions we get is about finding the right package for new broadcasters or stations just starting out. These guidelines should help you pick the best tier for getting started.

The main differences between the various broadcasting packages are whether or not there are built in Advertisements, the number of Total Listening Hours (TLH) that each package offers, and the amount of storage space for track uploads.

Your TLH is the total number of hours that your station can stream every month. The Broadcast 1 package comes with 1500 TLH. That means that you can have approximately 50 people who tune in to your station for one full hour every day. The Broadcast 2 package comes with 3500 TLH, and the Broadcast 3 package comes with 7000 TLH. 

If you are unsure about how many TLH you will need, we suggest that you start with the Broadcast 1 package. If you go over your TLH, you will be automatically bumped up to the next package at a pro-rated fee. This ensures that your listeners won't get cut off mid-stream. You can check your analytics in the Dashboard to see how much TLH you've used for the month.

How many songs would you like to keep in your library? There's a guide to how many songs your library can hold in the various Broadcast packages here.

For more information and pricing on our packages, please see our Broadcasting packages page.

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