Here are some things you should know about signing up for a Live365 Broadcast Package.

After your trial period is over or even before, you will need to select a paid Live365 package in order to continue broadcasting.

NOTE: You can review our pricing plans here at Please note that our ad plans reduce streaming costs and you reserve the right upload your own ads in addition to the provided ones - or choose the No Ads package where you can also place your own unique ads for your station.

Once you've chosen a current broadcast plan, you can select it here:

Step 1) From the Account Menu, locate and select "Billing."

Step 2) Next, select "Services" from the "Billing" dropdown menu and then "Payment." Enter the updated credit card information you'd like to use for this account and press "Save Card."

Step 3) Next, select "Services" from the "Billing" dropdown menu.

Step 4) Identify the station for which you want to select the package for the service. Select the "Actions"  menu ( . . . ).

Step 5) From the "Actions" menu options, select "Edit."

Step 6) Select your Package plan and hit Confirm.

Once you have initiated this action, our billing and invoicing software will be notified and future invoices will be generated on the day of selecting the broadcast package.


You can change your plan at anytime by revisiting the Billing portal and selecting a different plan.

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