The Live365 Directory and mobile app are key features that our customers get with their monthly subscription to Live365. Each Live365 subscription includes listing in our Directory, mobile apps, players, widgets, and stream URLs. 

We wish to ensure the best possible listening and navigating experience for the audience accessing the Live365 station Directory and our mobile applications. We only keep the stations that are currently on air listed, so that listeners are not sent to silent stations. When your station is silent, off of the air, or not able to play any material then it will be taken out of the Directory and mobile app. 

While your station is off the air, the 404 error message is shown instead of the station's profile:

How do I get my station back into the Directory and mobile apps?

Once you have resumed broadcasting, the station will again be listed in the Directory and mobile app. This can take 5 to 15 minutes of continued broadcasting.

Our Internet Radio platform is designed to be used around the clock. You do not need to be around while the Live365 automation software runs the station. Since you are subscribing to 30 days of licensed streaming, we think it is best to setup your Live365 station so that it streams around the clock. This way, listeners who tune in at different times will be able to hear your content and not be greeted with a "404" page.