The ad trigger files that you use in AutoDJ or Scheduled Event mode tell our servers to insert an ad. The same applies to the ad triggers that you download if you are using LiveDJ mode from your computer. The content of the triggers is irrelevant, as the files themselves contain a trigger to play an actual ad on the listeners end.

The ads are inserted by our ad partner, and Live365 does not have direct control over the content. The ads are delivered to the listener depending on their geolocation. In other words, you would need to listen to your own station from a different city or state to hear different ads playing on your Live365 stream. Tuning in from a different computer or mobile device is not enough to hear different ads. Your listeners in St. Louis will hear different ads than those in Detroit.

Additionally, some locations may hear more PSA's than ads, and this depends on whether there are ads available to be served to that region. When there is a low ad count, the listener may hear more PSA's than ads. This varies, but we strive to maintain a high number of high quality ads delivered across our network.

The ads will change in variety as advertisers submit new ads to the ad provider and based on the regional market those ads are meant to be delivered to.