It has been reported by some of our broadcasters that SAM Cloud and SAM Broadcaster need to be restarted after an Internet outage. This outage could range from a brief internal problem at Live365 or a nationwide Internet connectivity issue. If you have issues connecting SAM Broadcaster or SAM Cloud after a planned or unplanned outage, it will need to be refreshed. SAM Broadcaster does not detect when the Icecast stream from our server comes back online. SAM Broadcaster PRO will reconnect automatically. The other versions, however, do not.

Note: You will need the stream relayed to be encoded at 128 kbps, CBR, 44.1 kHz, MP3.

Regardless of the cause, SAM may need to be restarted when the connection is re-established. Spacial automatically disables your relay during the following situations: 

  • The service (Live365 or otherwise) that you are trying to stream is currently unavailable
  • The password has changed
  • Your encoder credentials have changed or are entered incorrectly (e.g. Using a capital I instead of a lowercase L)
  • A different encoder or application is already connected to your Live365 station

When one of these situations does occur, Spacial will disable one or more of your external relays. You can find more information about your SAM Broadcaster Cloud external relay by looking for your Stream Platform Details Format under the Streaming section on their cloud portal. The details will look similar to this string:

IceCastRelay MP3 @ 128kbps 44kHz Stereo

To enable the SAM Cloud relay, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your SAM Cloud account.
  2. In the left side pane, navigate to Settings then left-click on Streaming.
  3. Locate the Live365 Relay in the list then left-click on the Edit button indicated in the screenshot below.
  4. Tick the box next to Relay enabled then Save the settings.

After a few seconds, the SAM Cloud relay will reconnect to your Live365 station if all the settings are correct. The green status indicates when the relay is back online.