There are many ways to build your station’s audience. One fairly common way to build your audience is to add your station’s information to an online radio directory. Adding your station’s information to these independent directories will help attract more listeners to your station. 

Note that not all of the directories listed below are based in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom. Your station is only licensed for listening in these 3 geographic regions. Listing your station in these directories can be a legal grey area and is outside of the jurisdiction of Live365. All listeners from within the 3 regions are counted for royalty reporting as represented by their count on your Live365 Dashboard.

Note that, because of the licensing that we provide, listening from your Live365 station profile page, pop-out player, Live365 mobile app is currently only available for listeners from the U.S., Canada, and U.K. If you are interested in learning more about legally streaming into other countries, please open a ticket with us for more information.

Here is a list of some online music directories. Included, when applicable, is a link to their directory submission form:

Radio Garden - Station Submission Form - Add Station via feedback page / - Linking Agreement Page - Add Station Here - Add Station Form - Suggest A Station

LiveRadio.UK - Registration Required - Registration Required - Add Station Here -  Add Station Here - (send the request to

Streaming The Net - Add Channel Here

Tuner Mědias - Registration Required - Suggest A Station - Submission Form Here - Submission Form Here - Submit Your Station - Add Station Here - Add Station Here - Suggest A Station -  Registration Required - Suggest Station Form - Add Station Here - Add Station Here - Add Station Here - Add Station Here

In most cases, the Internet radio directories will need your station information and your Stream URL or Stream link, which is found in the "Listen" tab in your Station Menu.

You can find your Stream URL in the Listen pane, as shown below.



Occasionally, a directory will ask for a specific URL file format. Your Live365 station provides three alternative formats: ASX, M3U, or PLS. 

You can access the alternative links by right-clicking on your desired Listen Link and selecting the "Copy Link Address" option. Go back to your chosen radio station aggregation submission page and paste the link.