Internet radio broadcasting is a craft that takes time to learn and master. Live365 encourages our broadcasters to join our Live365 Broadcasters Facebook Group to share tips as well as visit our Facebook page and post in the "Visitor Posts" section.

Before you start sharing your station, upload lots of music to your station Library and schedule some Events. Be sure to enable the AutoDJ feature to make sure there’s never any dead air. Your station has to be streaming for your pop-out player to work properly. 

Some methods to acquire listeners are: 

Reach Out

Once you get your station up and running, it's recommended to begin promoting it online. The best way to kickstart your station, and get listeners quickly, is to reach out to friends and family via email and social media. 

Be sure to include a description of your station as well as the link to your Live365 Station Profile page so that people can click and easily start enjoying your station. Start sharing your station today to begin growing your station listeners. 

Use as many social media tools as possible. Start a Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter account.

Make a webpage and share it widely. Be sure to put the licensed player button on your webpage so listeners can easily find your stream.

Go Viral 

Promoting your station is essential to being successful. People can’t listen to your station if they don’t know it’s there! A good way to promote your station is finding message boards and groups, both in your local community and online, that are interested in the kind of content that is on your station.

If you are running a Christian radio station, for example, you can start by advertising at your local church. A station with local, city level programming could reach out to neighborhood community centers to help get others involved.


For more tips on building your audience, check out the Live365 blog!