With Live365, you have the option to switch between broadcast packages, which makes it possible for your station to go Ad-free!

As a Live365 Broadcaster, you have the option to remove ads from your broadcast package at any time. Because advertisements are a factor in generating revenue, Live365 needs to offset that loss by modifying the pricing structure of your broadcast package.

With as few as 4 minutes per hour for commercial inserts, there are advantages to being a broadcaster with ads, such as Live365's Revenue Share Program. You can read more information about the Ad Revenue Share Program here.

If you choose to continue with the ad-free option, you can modify your billing subscription by following these steps.

  1. Access and log in to the Live365 Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Billing Services.

  3. Identify and click on the station for which you want to upgrade/downgrade the service.

  4. Click on the Change Package button.

  5. Uncheck the box next to the With Advertisements option, then click the Next button to advance to the payment page.

Note: You will be charged the prorated pricing difference between your With Ads package against the No Ads package.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns in regard to changing packages, please contact our Support Team by emailing help@live365.com or creating a ticket at this link.