The Live365 Solutions Team is happy to schedule technical support sessions and phone calls to assist people with getting their accounts set up. Live365 also has a team of Product Consultants who each specialize in sales inquiries for new and returning customers. 

Technical Support Sessions

You receive 3 Technical Support sessions per 6 month period, included with your plan subscription, as well as free support through the ticketing system. To book a tech support session, please go to our support session scheduler and pick a time and day that works for you. This is how you'd go about coordinating a screen share session (GoTo Meeting), working through technical issues or setting up an introduction, training & walk-thru session.  (Additional session requests can be added on as an additional charge.) You can also reach them directly by calling (844) 548-3365, Option 2. 

Billing Inquiries

The Solutions team can also assist you with any billing inquiries that you may have regarding your account. You can reach them directly by calling (844) 548-3365, Option 3 or emailing

Sales Inquiries

New and returning customers are welcome to call and set up an appointment with one of our Product Consultants who specialize in sales inquiries. They can assist you with answering questions regarding our range of broadcast plans as well as help determine which plan would work best for you. To request an appointment, please call (844) 548-3365, Option 1 or send an email to