When you sign up for Live365, you can choose a package with ads or without ads. Here's a comparison of the monthly cost of packages without ads to packages with ads:


Why choose a package with ads?

In addition to packages with ads being less expensive to begin with, there is another benefit to signing up for a broadcast package that includes ads. You will be included in the Advertising Revenue Share Program, which can help further reduce the monthly cost of your broadcast package. According to the details of the Advertising Revenue Share program outlined in the Terms of Service, Live365 will share 50% of Net Advertising Receipts with you, the broadcasters. In other words, of whatever we gained from monthly ad revenue, we give back 50% to our broadcasters, depending on the proportional amount of the impressions that are aired on our broadcasters’ stations.

How much can I earn?

Here is an example: If Live365 received $2,500 for delivery of 850,000 US audio impressions across the entire network in the particular month, a Broadcaster whose stations delivered 20,000 of those impressions would be paid $14.70 for these US impressions which represents 50% of the corresponding US ad revenue delivered by this station.

What other things should I know about the Advertising Revenue Share Program?

Usually, you will get paid out in credits towards your Live365 bill. The credits will be paid anywhere between 90-120 days following the end of the corresponding month. Payout for your portion of the Advertising Revenue Share Program credit will be added to your account. Only those Broadcasters whose Live365 accounts are current are eligible to receive payment from Live365. In other words, in order to receive your credits, your Live365 account payments must be current.

Your credits are also contingent on following the required minimum of 4 minutes of advertising per hour of programming with a maximum of two (2) minutes allowed per ad break. Be sure there is a separation of at least 15 minutes in-between each 1-minute ad break, or 7.5 to 8 minutes between each 30-second ad break. An ad break is defined as an event triggered in order to allow Live365 to insert digital audio ads on the stream. This must be upheld even if you are using automation software like StationPlaylist, Mixxx, BUTT, PlayIt Live, etc.

If you have additional questions or concerns regarding the Advertising Revenue Share Program, please contact support.