Mobile app Push Notifications are clickable pop-up messages that you can deliver to the listeners that installed your Branded Single-Station app and opted-in to receive such messages.

The Branded Single-Station Mobile apps are available for purchase as an add-on and bundled for free as part of our Broadcast 3, Broadcast 4 and Broadcast 5 packages. The custom mobile apps will be published on your own accounts. You will need both an Apple Developer membership ($99/yr) and a Google Play Developer account ($25 one-time). 

The notifications will be delivered through the Google Firebase console which will be set up and delivered to you by our Mobile Deployments Team.

Notification delivery process

Please follow the steps described below to start pushing notifications to your mobile audience:

  1. Access the Firebase Console.
  2. Navigate to the notification project that was set up for your Branded Single-Station Mobile apps.
  3. In the left side menu, navigate to Engage Cloud messaging.
  4. Click on the Send your first message or the New Campaign button.
  5. Insert your notification details: Notification Title, Notification Text, Optional Image, and Notification Name. The preview from the right updates in real-time and displays how the notification will be displayed to your listeners. Once you have added all the notification details, click the Next button to advance.

  6. For the target audience, select both your Android and iOS apps if you would like everyone to receive the notification. You may also choose to send the notification specifically to listeners using one of the platforms.
  7. Next, schedule the delivery of the notification. You can choose between:
    Pushing the notification instantly.
    Pushing the notification once at a specific time and date.
    Pushing the notification with recurrence on specific days.
    Once you set up the right time, click on the Review button.

  8. The last step is optional. We recommend leaving the Android notification channel and Custom data fields blank.

    (1) If you would like your notification to trigger a sound when it is delivered, select Enabled from the drop list.

    (2) If Apple Badge is enabled and set to a specific value, it will display the notification badge next to the application icon with the number that you set. This feature is only available for the iOS application because Apple devices are not allowed to read the number of push notifications from the system to dynamically adjust the notification badge.

    (3) The Expiry date defines how long the notification will be kept for redelivery (a maximum of 4 weeks from the creation date).

  9. Once delivered, each notification will show up in your dashboard for reference.

Note: If you already have the mobile apps developed by Live365, please contact our Setups Team at to have them rebuilt with the new Push Notification capability.